Our story is simple

We are a small, all-volunteer effort which raises funds once a year and uses every penny we collect to buy around 1,000  high quality, warm winter coats for innercity children  who live in poverty.

We distribute the coats through reputable helping organizations  (list on page 2) who carefully screen their client/families and give the coats to those children who are most in need.

We began 25 years ago.

In December 1987 a friend and I went to the Santa Claus Mail Drop at NYC’s Main Post Office where people send letters asking for holiday gifts.  We read through letters asking for an astonishing spectrum of  gifts and found one which touched our hearts.  It was from an elementary school teacher in the South Bronx  asking for used warm clothing for her class of 8 year olds whose families could not afford to buy them appropriate winter clothes.

We met with her within the week, recognized her sincere dedicatation to ‘her’ kids and later that month donated super-warm, new hooded, thermal sweatshirts to the 30 kids in one of her 2 classes (Marie thought these would be good for cold apartments as well as under thin jackets) .

The next year more friends joined us and we we werre able to buy sweatshirts for both of Marie’s classes. The year after we added another teacher’s class, later to classes in other schools in our city’s poorest neighborhoods and so on for several years. 

After a few years we found a children’s wear importer who sold us good quality, very warm winter jackets at near-cost and began distributing them through carefully checked-out helping facilities working on the front lines of poverty throughout 4 boroughs of the city. These ‘distribution partners’ include pediatric hospital clinics, counseling services, women’s shelters, community centers and outreach programs.   

We incorporated under the name Hope On Wheels (at the time we were personally driving and delivering our coat deliveries).  For the record, a few years ago Hyundai ‘adopted’ the name for their children’s charity and we added New Coats for Kids to our use of Hope On Wheels. We gained supporters and obtained 501© (3) status so that donations to us are tax deductible.

We remain a small, all volunteer effort but we’ve come a long way and we’re proud of the help we give to families who need all the help they can get. Beginning with  thermal sweatshirts for 30 kids in a Bronx public school, Hope On Wheels New Coats for Kids now donates annually around 1,000 high quality warm, new winter coats to some of New York City’s poorest children.

 A little more background: 

Founder and president Ruth Gruen is a business and fiction writer who manages Hope On Wheels NCFK promotion,  fundraising, finances, coat selection, client interaction and coat distribution.  We are supported by family, friends, neighbors and business associates all of whom spread the word and help keep our donor base active..  We hope you will join us. 



Hope On Wheels New Coats for Kids…

delivering warmth and pride to children in need

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